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Review of Forza Horizon 4

[review_summary rating_label=”Author’s rating” positive_heading=”What is good” positives=”Graphics
Career Paths
Freedom Of Choice
Car Reactions on different levels of customising” negative_heading=”What’s bad” negatives=”Well nothing as yet”][rating title=”Design” value=”9″] [rating title=”Game Play” value=”9″] [rating title=”Features” value=”8″] [rating title=”Performance” value=”9″] [rating title=”Value” value=”9.5″][/review_summary]

Forza Horizon 4 from  Microsoft studios and turn 10 Studios,

Brings you graphics quality no matter what settings you put the game on it will still look great to all, which is a great way for all to see better graphics even on a  lower ended PC which will appeal to allot as this will stop people seeing less quality when they are on low settings which many do not like and has to upgrade to see what others see.

The Demo gives you a glimpse into what is coming in October which from what you can see in the video is going to turn out to be a great game and a fun one to for any one who likes to race or even just enjoys a good race with others.

when  you start the game you are hit with an intro that  looks fantastic but its no ordinary intro its one you will end up taking part in.  as in the video which was made you can see the car drives through a screen and  it lets you take over driving for the 4 seasons in different cars for the different type of terrains.

Microsoft brings this exclusive with a twist with their new system called “xbox Play Anywhere” which means you can play it on the Xbox One and your windows 10 PC so you get the best of both worlds.

Once out of the intro you will be in a race to get to the Horizon festival (see the Video).

Once you get there you will get cut scenes and places where you can customise the character name selects choose cars and  have a custom number plate.

You will set off and drive to the event race driving down all the UK roads to get there, doing near misses and crashes and drifting as you go.

we will update this review after the game releases and all the features are available. but over all its looking like a great promise and a great game to play either by yourself or with friends.



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