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Review of Max Payne 3 – WorldOfMadnessUK

max-payne-3 - WorldOfmadnessUK
[review_summary positives=”Graphics
Story Line
” negatives=”Lacking Game Play
Allot of LONG cut scenes”][rating title=”Design” value=”8.5″] [rating title=”Game Play” value=”7.0″] [rating title=”Features” value=”6.0″] [rating title=”Performance” value=”8.0″] [rating title=”Value” value=”9.0″][/review_summary]

So where to start

the story of Max Payne starts about him being a hired private security guard for a wealthy family as the story unfolds you see how he came to be that person. showing scene and game play from back in a bar and trouble breaks out.

the game follows the story of Max Payne and the choices he makes and wrong ones like drinking and drugs habits.

there are people trying to get to the family he is protecting you go though the different scenes trying to save the family and learn the ropes as it were with the controls. as the story unfolds you notice a pattern appearing and the story  gets more twists and turns. story goes forward then goes back into the past of how it came to that part in the future of him working.

many enemy’s many people trying to get to Max but doesn’t understand why a guard he shot said they were after him not the family. while a big military contingent  who as the game went on and on looked more corrupt as you went along.

Max Payne finds out the hard way he has been used for another purpose and then the story takes a different direction as max goes to find and route out the problem once and for all, it looks for the most part as you progress that it is going to be a suicide mission to get to the top people in the food chain, every time you think you think you are about to get close the game throws you back 100 miles from them for you to try and get to them again.

The story its self is a great mixture of gun place and investigative work finding clues and special golden gun parts as you go through the game. the only down side i found to the game is the sheer about of cut scenes i don’t mean one or two every so often i mean they are every two minutes and they are not short one either some you can skip but if you do it seems you missed a massive chunk of the game as you appear in different clothes in a totally different place which makes you a little disorientated cause you are trying to work out what is going on at that moment. There are times in the game where you are about to break in and save the people you have all the baddies lined up to take them out and all of a sudden game go NOPE sorry and a big cut scene comes in and changes what actually happens. to be honest there are allot of times you could have saved them all twenty times over after a while this gets highly frustrating and you start to get a big of a rage going on cause the cut scene is just always taking over, i feel this needs to be looked at if any other game is brought out as it makes no sense alone with  tons of cut scenes needs more game play rather than more cut scenes.

Over all i enjoyed the game but the cut scenes where a killer.


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