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WorldOfMadnessUK Travels to Insomnia #i63 – #whereisWOM

Well on Friday 24th August 2018 WorldOfMadnessUK travelled to Birmingham to goto the Gaming Festival better known as Insomnia i63.

On Saturday WorldOfMadnessUK made his appearance at the event Insomnia i63,

Not been able to go again for a few years he was able to go This year. and was impressed by what he saw. the Gaming Festival was allot bigger than it once was with allot more events and a better layout and people flow around the event not being as crammed like sardines in a can like it was many years ago.

Started over to the Asus Booth to take a look at what they had to offer and what was new coming out and available. He met up also with the Squirrel Group of people  as Paul AKA Squirrel was streaming that day but they had a few technical glitches on that but got him streaming later on in the day. His own mods were trying to troll him while he was inside the booth and always seemed to find new informative ways of catching Squirrel off guard.

Roaming around the event there was allot to see  the big names in Gaming were there Cooler master asus nintendo PS4 Game but to just name a few. also there was a nice big area where the Indie games were put and you could check out their games and even try them out. Tomb Raider game that was launching soon brought the gaming bus for people to get a sneak peak and try the new upcoming game, the queue as you can imagine was rather…LONG. they had WWE  Nintendo brought out a big area with a main stage with talks events and torments. A robot wars area was also there which had many people putting together fixing and tinkering with their robots ready to fit those many other to try and come out on top and the best. there was a merchandise area which sold pretty much everything. Game set up and indoor shopping store as it were so you could get  many things in the games range from PS4 PC Xbox and accessories to help the event goings choose something to take from i63 to remember their time there.

Further down there was a big meet and greet areas and a big Cosplay area where many people were showing off their  great outfits and being in character, these were also used on the BIG main stage area for the event for competitions and just to show off what they had. there was allot of invited streamers at the event streaming from different booths around the event  ASUS Overclockers Razzer and a whole other list of places. if you have not been to Insomnia then you should check out the website for more info to help you decide on weather the Gaming festival event is for you but you wont be disappointed. WorldOfMadnessUK met allot of people while going around in his Custom Designed Streaming Hoodie and t-shirt. while he was posting pictures of things while going around and people IN and around insomnia responding to tweet and liking posts they were also seen by him as he roamed around the event picking out the people that had tweeted or liked posts from the day.

after all the shenanigans of the day a load of people met up and went to spoons for food before parting ways for the evening good laugh good company and good food.

Below you will see a few photos from his day at the event also if you want to ever see where WorldOfMadnessUK is travelling from time to time to events He will be using #whereisWOM hash tag and you can follow Him on twitter and see what the MadMan  has been getting himself upto. he also challenged people to find him and tag him and someone tagged him making his way home on a train back to wales. shows you that you can be spoted at the most oddest places.

WorldOfMadnessUK didn’t stream live this time but will be looking into  streaming from events in the future and taking you around on a live tour and chat with people who cant make it or just want to tune in and chat.

This is WorldOfMadnessUK and WorldOfMadnessTV signing off for another year. But watch this space you do not know whats coming around the comer or where he will appear too.


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