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Division 2 – Thoughts, Pros and Cons

Divison 2 - Presidents oval office

“Graphics and realistic. The white house looking different as time went on through missions
teaming up with other players to complete mission
Can Play in a team or go it solo
Some great missions
Settlements you have to upgrade to help them save more people and defend more”


“Castle Settlement – Pointless needs a way for you to clean it up and get it secured and upgraded that would be allot better
Somethings can be so Repetitive
If the server Disconnects you mid or towards end of the mission which take a while to do you have to restart from scratch
Starting out at lower levels enemies are more like Level 20 that level 1 or 2.

So i have played  upto Level 30 and played around 45 Hours. so the questions is what do I think on this game what are the pros and cons of it and what is it like compared to Division 1 which i have played allot of, so lets get started and see where this post leads us.

So lets begin i played the closed and open beta and saw the game had allot of potential and  saw the graphics were nice (more about the game play and quality of it than window dressing High graphics) dont get me wrong i like good graphics  but the game play and how it plays out is what i look at more.

*Please note this is a review of the game so some of the game will be revealed below on progress enemy and point of interest – Spoilers will be here*

so lets start, when you get into the game you have to create a Custom person tbh i think Division 1 had a better way of making a  customised person in my opinion.  then you get the whole big cut scene that tells you about what has happened and whats going on then you get thrown into your first fight where you have to kill the enemy and save your colleague then you get the next cut scene of when you get orders and get sent to Washington DC (The White House) where you have to fight your way to the White House as they are under attack. when you get in there you can look around go into the oval office etc and see how bad things have gotten  as you progress and the White House gets update you will see the inside change over time.

your first mission after you have gone through cut scenes and talked with the people you need to there you goto the first settlement and help them out with the Theatre missions. on route you may bump into the enemy and have to get into a fight and destroy them before you get there. with that in mind i did notice that while only just starting the game with very basic weapons the enemy’s were way more levelled up hat they should have been at that point so found you died quite fast with very few shots.

if your first mission you get the normal levelled enemy’s then you get the next levels purple then you get the boss which is yellow. during the first mission it felt as if you were fighting with level 30 enemy’s they spawned in from everywhere or even right beside you  (yes instant death right there)  Should be like Division 1 be able to play that game solo but felt like you were meant to be playing with 3 overs who had a much higher level. after Dying several times and crashed out (can imagine the frustration as your about to finish the long story mission you have to do it all again cause the game had a brain fart and shut off)

Regarding the settlements that are dotted around the map there is the Campus, The Theatre and then there is the castle. here is the problem when you goto the castle.  you can see its been chemically attacked and you have to then progress with a story mission BUT you ca not do nothing with that settlement its just dead but you can still travel to it. personally they should bring that settlement to life with its own mission to get a chemical neutraliser for the sight then start the rebuild with defences food growing solar etc etc for that sight. As it stands i find no point in that settlement being there might as well have left it out and  do a cut scene and a bunker somewhere random on the map. will hope they will read this and look at that settlement and bring it up in one of their DLC updates or regular updates.

in my honest option even tho i Like the new Division 2 i am still finding that Division 1 still has the edge over the new one  which is surprising as would have thought they would have not tried to re invent the wheel when that have systems that worked better than  the new game mechanics in many ways. boss and enemy levels even when the are level 1 or 2 ts still like fighting level 20 to 30 enemies which makes the process or levelling up a little on the repetitive side from always dying allot.


The new DLCs makes things a little more intense as it were with you finishing the missions and then the new bad ass people show up and take over all the factions. will say more on it as i progress through it and update it here

Graphics 9.5 /10
Missions 8.5 / 10
Game Play 7.5 / 10

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