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Space X Falcon Heavy Triple successful landing of all boosters

Space X have been advancing in their  strive to make rockets more reusable and keep the costs down. the falcon Heavy which is a triple rocket was prepped and ready to launch with its payload and to try and land all three boosters which the falcon heavy has not done with all three.

the Rockets took off  with a god rate of climb and they goto space like a textbook space x take off. the rockets all split off. two were heading back to land and the main centre one was on router to the drone ship which was out on the coast.

The first two rockets deployed their grid fins and started their burns to come back to land, they entered the earths atmosphere on track for landing, they then could be seen by the on board cameras coming back down to land which then they started their landing burns and the legs were being deployed they sanctimoniously landed on the pads at the same time and was a successful landing. the main centre booster, was also on its way at this point and was doing an entry burn with grid fins deployed, it was on track to land on the drone ship. Space X tho this time instead of using the drone ship cameras which never seemed to work with landing they used the on-board rocket camera which showed the full view of the landing the legs deployed and it landed fully upright on the drone ship, was a perfect landing, this was a great achievement for space x as they had landed all three boosters successfully. later on a tweet went out that they also retrieved the nose cone sections that splashed down in the sea which will also be reused for more missions saving from the over all cost with them now being made reusable.

Space X is showing what can truly be done when you put your imagination and know how onto the board of ideas and open up the new ways of sending rockets and reusing them because they self landing. what will be seen with the new upcoming rocket that they want to land on the moon and mars, will they be able to land the rocket as a whole then have it take off again o return to earth and re-land that will be the greatest question and i hope they end up doing this as this will, show the amazing feats in breakthroughs for space exploration. could this be the first stages to  things like start trek futuristic star ships, who knows, I think only time will tell and i am looking forward to seeing what comes about in my lifetime.

One day I ill get to visit the States and see these things happen from that perspective who knows whats coming up in the future for rockets star flights Mars and moon missions and for me. The future looks promising if you missed any of the space x launches make sure to check out https:/ and their YouTube live channels of launches.


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