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To join Our Discord server click this link sign up and chose your username try to get this to as near as what your twitch name is.

You can then download the Desktop app and mobile apps if you wish after signup and access to the server.

you will be greeted by the following message and information read it carefully as it requires you to do steps to get access

Welcome to WorldOfMadnessUK's WorldOfMadnessTV - TheMadHouse Discord server. Please read the Discord rules once you have read them in the #rules room Click on the Reaction White check mark iocon Below To Accept - When you do this the rooms will open and you can type in them - New to the server please note there is a 10 minute wait before you can type in this server once that time has passed you can join the full room

If you need to be authed for one of the active game servers Type

!auth (Your Twitch Name plus Game Name and game you want access to)

this will alert the admins and moderators so that we can add you to a white-list or provide details and passwords to WorldOfMadnessUK game servers. You can find the channel at . Please make sure that your discord username is similar to your twitch name. It doesn't have to be exactly the same but needs to be identifiable. Enjoy your stay and welcome to TheMadHouse Need more info visit