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The New XGamer Hyperbeast 4.0 and XG T-shirt @XGamerEnergy

So when we officially received the new X Gamer Hyperbeast 4.0 (fruit punch flavor) which came with a cool XGamer 4.0 t shirt as seen in the pictures of this post, was rather excited to try this new one out and put it through its paces.

the package came with a personalty signed letter (you heard right the founders / owners physically signed each letter) which was a nice touch from the delays getting it all ready and they way they wanted it before us the customers got it. If they weren’t ready and not happy with it quite yet then they knew the customer would love it better if it was perfect. and this tub really doesn’t disappoint.

so posed and ready as you can see in the photos think i have a video somewhere of me shaking it up will add it to the post when i find it again…. (yes i know phone is full of photos and videos lol)

so down to the information and the review on taste and actual effectiveness  of the product and to see if there is any fallout when you stop having it.also known as crashing.

so lets start with the product info about the product we got (there are many flavors which i will note at the bottom of this post

Hyperbeast 4.0 – Fruit Punch 600g TUB

  • Boost Energy
  • Sharpen Focus
  • Quicken Reactions
  • increse stamina
  • 27 multi Vitamins
  • Notropic matrix
  • 31 Kcal Per Serving
  • Zero Added Sugar
  • No Crash Experience
  • Vegan Suitable
  • 500l Hydration
  • 60 X-Tub Servings

You will also find the X-Tub Label attached to this post.

Been testing it a few weeks as well as the flavor (Fruit Punch) which i found to taste pretty good tbh. also as a gaming boast and for gaming /work related stuff the X-Gamer releases the boast you need  there is no crash out not after effects just a boast in the right areas when you need it with vitamins and  made up of mostly water too makes it a good choice to have and use. so if you are thinking of trying X-Gamer but don’t want to blow out on getting a tub straight out X-Gamer thought of that with X-Gamer Shotz which you can get with a cup or just the shotz which will allow you to experiment with different flavours. some are all waiting for the coke and cherry flavours which they want to try and make cherry cola. so the  possibilities are on the endless side. so why not try them out see what you think and why not share your experiences of what you thought on the products.

Also got the 4.0 X-Gamer T-Shirt (Modelled in style by yours truly – hahaha there is a joke in there somewhere)

Don’t forget check out the X-Gamer Shake up Video i made when trying out the new X-gamer 4.0 formula.

Check them out here –

For now until the next post this is WOM signing off and wishing you all a good day

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