WorldOfMadnessUK gets into the Christmas spirit


At worldofmadnesstv we love Christmas and WorldOfMadnessUK is no exception. with the house resembling a light show outside and a grotto on the inside, i think its defiantly showing the Christmas time spirit is here.

To top it off the Christmas t-shirt and Christmas jumper is out and on too… sorry it has to be done.

check out below the t-shirt and jumper (the Joys of being a Dad)  whispers not like that makes a difference id still have them on hahahaha.

From all of us at WorldOfMadnessTV – the mad man himself WorldOfMadnessUK and TheMadHouse members and team have a very Merry Christmas and have a great new year.

ppsssttt… keep an eye out in 2019 things maybe coming….sshhh you saw nothing here your imagining things

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